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This habit helps people control their bowel movements, as well as improve the functions of their liver and intestines. People should learn some delicious dessert recipes that are made from whole grain products instead of white bread and white rice. The writer also encourages people to do cardio exercises, such as walking, running, swimming, and other healthy activities to strengthen heart, muscles, and stomach. People should drink a lot of water because water breaks down foods in the stomach, prevents constipation, and supports the digestive system. Besides, the writer indicates that people should quit some bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, eating fatty foods regularly, and smoking.
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Parts of the Digestive System

The Alimentary Canal The alimentary canal, or digestive tract, is where food travels and is broken down and absorbed. It is made up of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. The wall of the alimentary canal consists of four layers, although their characteristics may vary from one organ to another. The innermost lining of the alimentary canal is the mucous membrane, or mucosa. It is a protective layer that may have invaginations that are used for the secretion of mucus and enzymes.
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Pineapple and lemon support natural digestive health

Montel and Dr. Oz

By promoting highly alkaline reactions in the body, lemon juice helps to neutralize the gut acids which can produce digestive disorders and upset. Its distinct, sweet-tart taste is also excellent for taking the monotony out of plain drinking water. Try a homemade lemonade recipe to make for the whole familys wellness and enjoyment. For a convenient way to add citrus to your diet you can also use lemon essential oil , which is a highly concentrated form that is cold-pressed from an estimated 30 lemon rinds. If you are on the go, just add one or two drops of the oil to your drinking water, without having to wrangle with cut lemon wedges.
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